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Here are some helpful links:

Live in central or south Scottsdale and looking for great center-based holistic physical
therapy, massage therapy or acupuncture?  see

Mary Peterson has a clinic for decreasing chronic pain and stress.  Mary's clinic is
in North Scottsdale.  Mary gives her patients her undivided attention from the moment she
brings them back to her treatment room.  Mary Peterson Physical Therapy  Cindy Kamphaus is an excellent P.T. with her own practice in Payson, AZ.  The setting is in the cool pines.  Sometimes treatments are even done in the fresh air outside

Advanced Release Therapy is a scenic spot where physical therapist, Lori Zeltwanger can help your aches and
maybe even your worries melt away as you view the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, AZ.  It's a pleasure to know physical therapist Emily Large.  She specializes in Yoga therapy
and even has special classes for clients in Georgia periodically.  

Scott Van Niekirk, PT has customers that drive from NYC to his place of business in Brewster, NY.  Not only does he offer myofascial release physical therapy, but also acupuncture, and wholistic nutrition.  Scott also has been instrumental in helping me to author my book for physical therapists. If Gary Lindahl, PT's strength training and physical therapy clinic were closer to me I would do my strength training with him.  It's effective and gets results.

James Ko is a seminar presenter and truly seeks to change the lives of his patients and students.  Sara Meeks, PT is on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to rehab.  She realizes the value of being a good listener and even provides consults over the phone for a reasonable price.  Alison Palic, PT has a clinic in Santa Cruz California where she rehab's professional surfers and those wishing to look like dancers. Karey Harty along with her husband Richard (also a PT) are two of the warmest well-balanced physical therapists I've met.  If I ever have an ache or a pain while I'm in Lodi or Stockton, CA that's where I'll go.  Jonathan Tripodi is a seminar presenter and is developer of the "BodyMemory" system of therapy.  Many clients cross the country to get therapy from him.  He co-teaches the seminars with Dr. Janine Lex, a chiropractor.  This is a uniquie clinic where my friend Valerie McGraw works.   People pay out of pocket to receive care at this relaxing treatment setting.  Sometimes people get treated for multiple hours per day by a successive team of therapists.  PT Vivian Eisenstadt seeks to treat the whole system.  She has a lot of great equipment and offers quality products that enhance treatment outcomes.

Want to know how to have healthy teeth as you sit in front of your computer
see my friend Dr. Marvin's website   It's the smartest dental
site on the net!  This is a local area health directory. Here's another health directory resource.