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Physical Therapy strengthening makes you look and feel younger. It strengthens bones and muscles, improves balance and prevents falls, helps prevent osteoporotic bone fractures, trims and tightens, and helps control weight. It can cost as little as $799/month. .
Nursing Home care usually costs about $5000/month.
Typical cost of a hip fracture$35,000+.
One in five of all patients who fracture a hip dies within one year.

Restoracare accepts cash and all major credit cards via Paypal (TM).

Q: Why should I pay for something that usually is "free"?
A: Which therapist will work harder for you, the one whose patients come for free or the one whose patients pay at or before the time of service?
Q: Do you ever bill insurance for your services?
A: We currently bill Medicare and "Medigap" directly. This makes it possible for some clients to incur no out-of-pocket expenses while receiving services in the comfort of their homes or gardens.

The "RUB" : Medicare-reimbursed physical therapy must be deemed "medically necessary" by someone in a remote governmental office.  

All our services can be rendered in-home to clients who are "homebound" or not.

Please call Lance Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT today at 602-619-8582 to find out what can work best for you or your loved one.  

Cash-pay Rates:
15- minute screening visit (if PT is onsite) or phone call to assess need FREE !!

Single 45-minute - visit    $150   satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Value pre-paid packages with 45 minute visits:
4 - session package (at least weekly)    only   $500/month
8 - session package (at least twice weekly)       only   $799/month                                                                               
12-session package (usually three weekly sessions) only $1199/month includes at least one free sample from one of our supporting organizations

Premium Package: 20 Sessions/$2500
                    Frequency: At least twice weekly
                    Bonus: Free hip-protector a $60 value               
                    Bonus: Money back offer!  Call for details.