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Q: Would you like to know why many of my clients do even better between sessions?  Good!.  
A: Check out and then call me at 602-619-8582 LV.
We take Vibe (R) !   This is the LEADING liquid nutritional product for supporting GREAT Health!

"You know that day when I first tried the Vibe (TM) and the day after, I thought it was the funniest thing.  I said, "you know I feel different".  I felt kind of like a "surge" "[after taking the Vibe liquid nutraceutical.]  [This client who had been needing hospice REALLY perked up, walked faster and wasn't even close to needing the hospice.]  (9-30-2006)
Kay P. Mesa, AZ     see for details of this breakthrough liquid nutraceutical.

4-23-2007   Last week I went back to see Bill M.  He is a strapping man at an assisted living center who literally has to fight off the women who want to take over his life.  I stopped by briefly to see how he was doing on the two ounces of  Vibe (TM)/day.  He said that not only had it helped him be "regular"  but he now didn't feel like he was going to fall when he first got up.   One thing I really want to do as a physical therapist is make sure my clients do as well as humanly possible even after they must quit therapy.   This is no easy task but I really feel like Vibe is helping my patients improve more.  It's a lot cheaper than cash-pay therapy every week too!

Q: What are some of the best books you've read on aging well?
Strong Women Stay Young is a page turner.  I paid a lot of money to got to a seminar where I was told it is a "must read".  It is.  There is a series of books by this author but this is by far the best one written.

Continue reading below  to find free pain and money- saving advice valued at $35000.  
Q: What three visible products is PT Lance wearing (you have them in your closets too) that will increase his safety at age 101?

A: Hint: Product #1 think LOW and  
              broad.   I hope this touches
              your "sole".
     Hint Product #2 think LONG even in
             Arizona.  Whew! (pan _ _) Yes               
              we do pant in AZ.
      Hint Product #3   Oops!  He doesn't
              have one on in the picture.
             South of the border they call     
             them "camisas".                     

Q:What INVISIBLE product is he wearing that may be able to keep a lot of skinny grandmas out of the ER?
A: You don't think I'm that easy do you?  Read on for more free advice and to find out.  This combined with product #1 is the $35000 advice.

One of my daughters really loves purple.  When I put this shirt on she sometimes gives me EXTRA hugs....This month she's gone to liking pink like her sister.  
Tennis anyone?
Having the right equipment is vital to safety of any elderly person in the home.
Can you see where my used tennis balls went?  That's right they went on the rear legs of Richard's walker to stop the vibrations.  They wear through rapidly on cement and asphalt though.
OK here's product #3.  A long sleeved shirt protects fragile elderly skin from bloody tears from injuries as minor as bumping a corner.  Seniors prone to fall should wear sleeves.  After all they don't cost anything extra.
Product #2 Long pants protect the knees from minor cuts and scrapes
Product #1 Good shoes are a great measure of safety.  They should have low broad heels.  Seniors prone to trip should avoid those with aggressive treads and opt for those with slightly smoother bottoms.  

Q: What's the invisible product(#4)?  Hip protectors!  They are 80% effective.  They can be found at         and  ,  For more details subscribe to our free e-newsletter.  See below.   
The Safety-$aving  Man!  All four products in place
From the feet up.