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Contact Us
Congratulations on your great decision to invest in better health!

Do you or your loved one who needs physical therapy live in Mesa, AZ between Alma School and Ellsworth?  If so here are the easy steps to follow:  

1.  Get a prescription from your doctor for "PT / H.H. P.T. eval and treat".  Have them call or fax us.  Print this page  for them.   Frequent diagnoses include, "gait abnormality" , and "muscle weakness".

2.  If you already have a prescription for "physical therapy" or "home-health" physical therapy, call us now!

Daytime: 602-619-8582   (Call anytime)

Fax: 480-654-0054

email:  vanarsdell(remove)                Website:

Business Office Address: Restoracare, Inc.
                                             Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
                                             Mesa, AZ 85215

We look forward to working with you!  .