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News and Adventures updated 8-25-2008
8-25-2008 Nearly off to learn about PT in Europe and to further my education!
8-12&19, 2008 Presented Resident's Seminars at Carestone Assisted Living in Tempe AZ.  More attendees at second seminar!
8-20-2007  (Back to work)  Returned from over a month of R and R in Canada with my superlative kids and loving wife.  On the way up and back we visited physical therapists (see Links) Lori Zeltwanger, Linda Bruseth, Margaret Bartlett, and Karey and Richard Harty.  
8-10-2007 Left Canada for a scenic drive back to AZ.
7-18-2007 Left on vacation to Canada with my family.  At this point I though we were taking off for too long.
6-22-2007  Today "Bill" (See 5-15-2007) Got up with some help then walked about 80 feet twice with little help!  Then he sat on his bed and waved for a picture which his wife is going to send to her sons.  In early may he had to be "dragged" up to sit at all.    
5-31-2007 NEW!  Today I gave out our first official "Certificate of Participation" to my current favorite 95 year old. I tell my clients that for them to walk is more important than for ANY sports team to win any supermatch.   Not only did Ruth but one of her children and spouse attended and participated in EVERY physical therapy session.  They invested in their mom and are already being rewarded for it.  
5-15-2007  Today a cash-paying customer Bill who hasn't walked for about 5 months was able to get up and stand with about 15% assist for about 20 seconds.   I try not to predict if a patient will get better or not - because only our Creator knows - but just to give the opportunity and ALLOW progress to happen.  Today progress happened and I was cheering it!  FUN!
5-14-2007 Visited my favorite 97 year old patient (see 4-23-2007) with my family for Mother's Day.   She is now walking with her walker with no other physical support!  "You keep coming to see me!"  is what she said.
4-23-2007  Yesterday I visited a client in an upscale assisted living facility and had considerable difficulty getting Vivian to walk 120'.   This was discouraging as she'd previously gone 300' with less trouble.  I bought her a sample of Vibe and had her take it on the spot.  Today I had her take another sample before and another after her session.  She again made it 300'.   I pressed her as to if she thought she could have gone farther yesterday and she was pretty sure she couldn't have made it.  Even after the longer walk her walking speed for the last 40 feet with return to the same chair was 8.4% faster!
4-23-2007  One of my cash-paying customers is 97.  When I first saw her I was doubful she'd ever recover from her hip fracture of late 2006.  She had pain in her arms and her left hip.  Her walker was a little too tall and it hurt her to walk.   I adjusted her walker and have been having such a great time helping her to recover her strength.  She is making progress and having nearly no pain with short walks.  What I really love about this dear lady is that she just lights up when I get there.  The first thing she says is, "How are you?" with lots of gusto.   Then she asks, "how are the girls".   She is such a GREAT example of a truly nice person.  Really I think she's going on 79 instead of 97.
12-19-2006  A while back jv (my second-born twin daughter) got up in my lap and said, "Daddy, You're kind of like Jesus".  I thought maybe she'd say because I let her sit in my lap but she went on, "Because you help take people's "owie's" away and help them walk better!"  I wrapped one of my most precious gifts even tighter in my arms and gave a warm smile.
12-17-2006  One of my client's relatives just got back from attending the Nobel Prize presentation in Stockholm, Sweden  Brr.
12-12-2006  Met a 97 year-old lady who wants to start on Vibe (TM) mainly for the side effect of improved regularity.
11-22-2006 Yesterday morning I'd had to sit down at the table before my small daughters and wife as I needed to get "out the door" soon.  I "returned thanks" as my grandmother would have said, aloud alone.   When they all arrived and started eating my daughter jv (I use small letters because they are little and prefer not to use their names here) said, "We haven't prayed yet".  My wife said, "Well you can go ahead and pray then."  As we respectfully waited, jv closed her eyes, folded her hands and said, "Dear Jesus.  Thank-you for this good food, and for my mommy, my daddy and my sister.  Amen."  It's great to be loved.  Positively therapeutic!  Happy Thanksgiving to all visitors here.
11-14-2006 Seniors at Merril Gardens cracked up during the stories told in Lance's seminar  "Avoiding Humpty Dumpty's Dilemma" .  Lance himself couldn't quit smiling during his own 4 yr old twins rendition of "Joyful Joyful" given as a special there.
10-9-2006 Educational pursuits.  I attended the AZ physical therapy association's Fall conference last Friday.  As I work with seniors I took an interest in a lecture by Jennifer McDonagh, PT, PhD..  She stated that 'free radicals" are quite damaging to the brain.  "Anti-oxidants" are found in cherries and many other berries.   Jennifer also stated that coenzyme q10 is thought to support good brain health.  Now where are my glasses....? Oops I don't wear glasses!  :  )    Jennifer graciously agreed to a telephone intervies.  Check back on this web-site for details or call me for further info.   
10-9-2006 Dolly has long since graduated with flying colors.  She has already gone shopping several times and if she follows the plans we formed together will do great.  At Restoracare we educate, evaluate, and energize every client to attain their highest and best potential.  The tools to achieving this are Education, Evaluation, Nutrition, Elixirs/Medications, Exercise, Environment and Equipment.  
9-19-2996  Learned to SURF!!   What a thrill!!!!!!!    Positively therapeutic!   Awesome!!!!   Well really I've got a lot more to learn but all the way to the beach on the 3rd try isn't bad.   I had  a GREAT instructor.
08-04-06  Today Betty was a little more tired than usual.  When I took her pulse it was only 45/minute and was different than her usual regularly-irregular rhythm.  Her lungs were not clear and her stamina had decreased measurably.  When I called the doctor he told the assisted living center care staff to "Bring her in ! "  It's always better to avoid the emergency room.
07-28-06  Dolly stands on own! For nearly three months (I've got to work fast as Medicare will want me to stop!) I have been treating Dolly B. who is recovering from the third revision of a left hip fracture on weakened and contracted left side.  Initially it required two assistants to get her out of the chair.  For the longest time she had to wear a large cumbersome brace around her waist and left leg to keep the ball of her left femur in the acetabulum (socket).  It looked and was uncomfortable for her but worked.  This fracture was just adding insult to injury as she'd already had a severe stroke affecting the left side of her body and has chronic obstructive lung disease which causes her to be short of breath nearly constantly.  Her left knee initially was mostly held at a 90-degree angle with her foot unable to touch the floor.  When she became "weight bearing as tolerated" I had her stand repeatedly but still had to lift her considerably.  Eventually she could be stood up and could maintain standing by holding  the back of the sofa.   Since she could bear some weight on the left forearm though her hand is still what she calls a "claw"  got a bilateral platform walker I got a platform walker for her.  It was exciting to see her begin to walk but I could see she wasn't going to be able to get her own left forearm onto the platform.   We then ordered a hemi-walker.  A hemi-walker looks a whole lot like a painting 3-step ladder, is stable and only needs to be held on one side.  At the first trial on Wednesday she walked about 10 feet but still had to be lifted to stand up most of the time.  Today with exact positioning she was able to rise from the chair with exceptionally close guarding but no physical lifting.  She did this on her own power at the end of the session of physical therapy.  If I had a picture of her smile I would FRAME it!   
06-06-06  Showbiz continued.  Today I concluded PT for the sound engineer for Michael Landon.  I will miss all the good stories he had to tell.  He said that though Neil Diamond already had a good voice, having him sing in a specially shaped studio really gave him the edge.  

New Cell phone feature!  Today I activated my "new" second-hand cell phone. I am still recovering.  The other phone didn't do well after it's trip to the 'loo'.   It didn't come with a belt clip so I placed the blood-red clamshell device in my left shirt pocket and turned my wheels towards the Superstition freeway on Higley.  While nearing the  Baseline intersection  chimes cycled thorough the air and vigorous rapid pulsations  thumped my left upper chest.  I didn't know I'd purchased the model with the built-in cardiac defibrillator!!.      

5-24-2006  Today "Emily" who has had Parkinson's disease for years with a severe tremor was able to stand for over a minute with her feet apart and no hand support.  She has a great attitude.  When I ask her to do something she says, "I don't know if I 'kin' do it until I 'trah'!"  

Later today, "Mary", who has severe arthritis and is recovering from a broken hip walked several steps without her bilateral platform walker while holding a rail lightly.  She likely will recover the ability to walk around the house with her hands free.

Dr. Brinkerhoff returned my call about a client with deteriorating balance and strength.  He thinks that a shunt placed for normal pressure hydrocephalus may improve the client's function.

My final client today was a sound engineer for Michael Landon.  He said that the "Little House on the Prarie" series was filmed in Simi Valley, CA, Old Tucson, and also on a sound stage in CA.  Very Interesting!  He worked pretty hard for me on his balance.    

"Ancient past"
One of my clients in Mesa in about 1995 had been in high management of the Ramada Inn hotel chain.  His card  said, "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."