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Re: Speaker Presentation
"Your presentation was excellent as well as your delivery.  The content was exceptional, and you received rave reviews from the attendees.  
The audience came away with a lot of useful information that they could use and were very glad they came to this workshop.  
 It was a pleasure seeing you and I hope that we will continue to work together in the future.  I intend to ask you to be a part of our speakers bureau.  I will be in touch.  Thank-you again for your wonderful speech delivery, your time and your expertise.
Lucille Smith, Founder  &CEO National Association for Social Service Professionals      

$55k FREE Seminars!
8-19-2008 A Full Body Approach to Avoiding Falls
8-12-2008 Loving Life Longer Carestone Assisted Living Tempe AZ
8-9-2007 Crest View Retirement Center Creston, BC Canada
                     This seminar was to a packed house of some of the most active retirees I've seen
6-4-2007 Citadel Independent Living - How to keep from falling  
5-22-2007 What You Can Do to Prevent Fall Injuries at Cypress Court for SNF administrators
1-5-2007 Citadel Assisted Living "Waist Control "  
1-9-2006 Skyline Physical Therapy "Gain Health (lose weight)"

12-12-2006 Merrill Gardens "How to Make Your Bones Last a Lifetime (Osteoporosis Care)
12-13-2006 Springdale "Connections"  "Avoiding Humpt Dumpty's Dilemma" (Fall Prevention)
11-29-2006 Citadel Assisted Living Mesa, AZ "How to Love Life Longer" (Love and exercise benefits)

Call 602-619-8582 to reserve your seat.  Seating is limited.

None of the information on this web-site should be used as a substitute for qualified medical
                                                          evaluation and treatment.  

Q: Why is your seminar series valued at $55,000?
A: Our Seminar series is conservatively valued at $55,000 because if seniors apply the information listed they easily stand to save that much in medical and supportive care.  

For example hospitalization costs of a hip fracture are usually about $35000,  
                                                                                                 Surgeon fee $5000.  
     Nursing home follow up for two weeks at $500/day for two weeks $12000.  
                             Home health costs at $180/visit for 10 visits come to $1800.  
                                         Home caregiver at $150/day for two 2 weeks  $2100
                                                                                                  Total cost $55,900

Q: Do you offer any FREE bonuses at the $55k seminars?
A:  Yes.  We have many valuable bonuses for those who qualify.   Ask about them.

                     4-CD audio success course delivered right to your email address,                    $79
                     Study Outline for the above course                                                                          $5
                     Free nutritional summplement sample(s)                                                           $2-15
                     Win a free shock preventer for those who don't like static electricity.                 $11
                     Free e-book the  "Multi-Billion Dollar Hoax" delivered to your email address   $ 9
                     Study guide given for all lectures                                                                              $5
                      5-8 minute health consult with doctor or physical therapist                                 $29-54
                      6-month subscription to tele-classes held weekly                                                $100
                      Reserved seat for three other lectures                                                                  $30
                      1/2 off initiation fee and one week free at local health club                                $30
                      10% off entire line of Eniva Nutraceuticals for life                                            $Unlimited
                       Book "Power of Mentorship" with Marvin Pantangco. DDS                              $19                       

$55, 000 Health Improvement Seminar Series

   Fall Prevention  -  How to never have to say, " Help!  I've fallen and I can't get up!"

   How to Avoid Living with "Art" (Arthritis conservative care)

   Lifting and Loving without a Pain in the Back (for caregivers and lovers)

   How to Make your Bones Last a Lifetime (Osteoporosis care and humpback prevention)

   The Greatest "Pill" - How to "rewind  the clock" with Exercise    / From Frail to Fabulous                              

    What We Don't Want in our vitamin / mineral pills

    How I am winning the Battle of the Bulge

    Intimacy for the 40's and better

Call  602-619-8582  to reserve your seat even if you don't see the topic on the Schedule